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, just this week, there was a leak that the united states may be ready to begin negotiations with iran, sanctions coming to the time. the white house is saying wait a minute, that's not the case. this may come up. >> this is one of those interesting issues for a sitting president of the united states because there are things in diplomacy that you don't like to talk about publicly. this may very well be one of them. i'm curious to see if obama can say in response to these questions, look, we're not prepared to talk about that at this point. you sort of get the impression they might want to step away from this story if there really -- if they really are in negotiations with iran. meanwhile romney is going to make the case they've been coddling iran, haven't been strong enough and partnering close enough with israel. any of these rumors of backstage talks may play into romney's attack on that subject. >> romney has really hammered the president's relationship with israel, talking about detail light between them, not being a close friend to israel. do you think that is resonating with some
states in january. >> he came here committing some kind of a gihad in the united states. >> reporter: he tried to use a cell phone to detonate a bomb, but the fbi made sure that the bomb was harmless. a day after the attack, no signs of heightened security at the building, which holds a large reserve of gold. the fbi says that he recorded a video claiming responsibility in the name of al qaeda. >> and he alleged to already have al qaeda contacts from overseas. were they really. did he come here on a self- propelled plot or was he sent? >> reporter: they carried boxes of evidence from his apartment, hoping to learn if more people were involved. >> he faces life in prison. >>> we've got new information for you coming out tonight about one of the taliban militants suspected of shooting the teenage activist. the pakistani intelligent officials said that the man was detained in the military in 2009 and that he was later released. this as the vigil was held for by the 14-year-old girl held in two women's groups in birmingham, england. tonight they are saying that the conditions remain stable.
of the united states and the president began what i call an apology tour of going to various nations in the middle east and criticizing america. i think they looked at that and saw weakness. >> did the president advice sit various nations in the middle east and omit israel and apology for previous us policy. >> he acknowledged flaws in us policies. he never said he was sorry for anything. not just us, numerous fact checkers labeled this as clearly false. >> that apology tour, not true. >> yes. >> let's talk about lib i can't and whether -- libya and whether governor romney flip flopped in his statements. let's listen to this from president obama. >> you supported us going into libya and the coalition that we organized. but when it came time to making sure that gadhafi was captured, your suggestion was that this was mission metal. >> mission creep, mission mud del. did romney accuse the government of not being straightforward in their plan for libya gl are gl that's exactly the words that governor romney called, mission creep and mission mowed del. that was a correct statement by the
in 1990. before earning her citizenship gomez lived and worked in the united states as a permanent resident. >> i want to vote. when a vote, i have a voice. >> reporter: d.c. resident maria nunez also passed the citizenship exam. she owns a restaurant in columbia height where she has lived 22 -- heights where she has lived 22 years. >> when i come into this country, i say one day i'll be a citizen. this is the best country in the world. >> reporter: both women were prepared for the citizenship examination thanks to latino resource and justice center. the nonprestos supports students through the citizenship -- nonprofit organization supports students through the citizenship test. >> 90% of the students pass their test. >> reporter: anna nogosco is the director of education and advocacy for the organization and says citizenship is important for immigrants. >> you get to petition government for changes in policies that affect the community besides all other benefits that citizenship comes with, being able to travel freely. >> reporter: gomez has worked for howard university hospit
in the united states. the bbb tells us that this thing happens all the time. recent fishing -- phishing scams use the ups and department of homeland security. make sure you look out for those red flags. guys? >> great information. thank you. >>> all right topper, what do you know? >> here is the deal, it will feel like summer tomorrow and spring summer on saturday and then it will be late fall on sunday. and we could even see a wet snowflake for you in west virginia on sunday night. >> let's not be crazy. >> yes, they are talking crazy. we'll go up to river falls, minnesota where they did have snow today about three to five inches fell. they were 74 yesterday. now they have three to five inches of snow. the winds right now were 30 to 50 miles per hour in northern minnesota. >> that's what you get. >> right, i knew you would say something like that. and let's take a live look outside at the weather cam. so we've got that dry wind for you, a rising barometer and lower humidity. good things. satellite picture radar combined. we have some showers and a few clouds this morning. but finally the sys
, different parts of the united states. they just want a picture taken next to home plate. >> reporter: the last baseball game at griffiths stadium was played on september 21st , 1961. the ballpark was torn down four years later. >> thank you, matt jablow. >>> we're following questions tonight about a group home for mentally ill adults in clarkbsurg after a tragic death there monday, but it's what our reporter scott broom discovered after the incident that's added to the concern. a mentally ill registered sex offender was living in that home as well without a full- time counselor present. scott is live in clarkbsurg where he's been asking a lot of questions and hopefully getting some answers. >> reporter: this is a really tough issue because there is no doubt that mentally ill people suffer discrimination, but they've got the right to live wherever they want to, including in a group home like in this neighborhood that a lot of neighbors simply don't like, but in this case someone died and there are questions and in in case the questions are about whether or not the level of supervi
of a political coverup. >> i think it's the responsibility of the president of the united states to know these things and to deal with them, not just the study. >> five days after the attack, the obama administration blamed it on protesters, outraged over an american-made film. later, the administration said terrorists were behind the planned attack. clinton says in the fog of war, there's always going to be confusion. >> everybody had the same information. i mean, i have to say i know there's been a lot of attention paid to who said what and when, but i think what happened is more important. we were attacked. >> a group of republican senators issued a statement praising clinton for accepting responsibility, but say blame rests with the president and his national security team. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> and there will be a public memorial for ambassador stevens in san francisco this evening. stevens father says his son's death should not be turned into a campaign issue. lesli. >> anita, thank you. security is extra tight at the british hospital where a pakistani
litigation in the united states. so a lot of products aren't made. so because of this, compounding pharmacists, we can do this on your behalf. so where it was, one or two viles for a particular patient, it now becomes thousands of viles are out there. so they are trying to fit a need. >> how does a patient protect him or herself? >> easy. the first thing they need is information. they need to be aware of who is their physician that is providing their care for them. what is your qualifications. two, when you go interview that physician, where do you get your medications? this is a very reasonable question to ask. where are you getting it from? are you getting it from a reputable pharmaceutical house or knockoff, maybe compounding agents or something like that. >> doctor, thank you. >> you're very welcome. >>> less than 24 hours after the two presidential candidates who were squaring off in that oh so heated debate, both were back in battleground states today. as danielle nottingham reports, president obama is reenergized and governor mitt romney isn't backing down. >> with the
department, humane society, united states or their local animal control. >> veterinarians are really the voice for these animals that are abused and neglected that can't speak for themselves and they should be aware of the warning signs. >> you's a good boy. >> reporter: humans failed popeye until now. his sweet disposition won the hearts of animal control officers who are now helping to care for him at the alexandria shelter. the law varies from state to state, but in virginia veterinarians are required to report suspected abuse or neglect. while the other eight dogs seized remain in the care of fairfax county, popeye is actually expected to be available for adoption within the next few weeks. he will obviously need a very special home and an owner who can give him the care and attention he didn't have for most of his life. >> as you said, the system failed at least in this case. thank you. >>> in tonight's consumer alert a bank breach that could compact you and a cell phone mega deal, but first we go to the kitchen to talk about the peanut butter recall that continues to expand. s
taken a lot of lives in the caribbean and now it's moving back onto land here in the united states in our most densely populated area. so please stay indoors. we're not trying to scare anyone, but we are being honest. this is a very, very dangerous storm and you need to stay indoors. one incident wanted to update you on in chrisfield, some of you go to the miller clam bake in the summer on. your way down there to your right as you walk into the parking lot, there is a housing community there called summers cove and with the tidal surge that came up in the last couple hours it raised the water level such that there's about 3 feet of water spread all over the ground floors of there summers cove. so various assets from the volunteer fire department to george johnson is here with us, to the dnr, police and their water assets are removing people from there. i don't know if you all have been in chrisfield when it rains even heavy or like this. that lower end tends to take on a lot of water, not unlike the downtown of ocean city in big rains. so we have a lot of people responding there an
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10